Vegan Online Shopping Guide – International

There are so many web shops that ship worldwide for sure. This article only includes my own shopping experiences.  According to your country, the tax practices will vary depending on the weight and price of the products you buy. Please consider this.


This is a huge web site for international distributors, manufacturers, importers and retailers. You can find many organic, healthy, raw and ethically made vegan products such as cacao seeds, coconut products, seaweeds, chocolates, nuts, and seeds.

I bought small things to try on my first order.

I waited 2 days for the cacao paste that was not in the stock. They couldn’t ship so quick and I requested to cancel my order. Customer service was so good, processed on the same day.


Raw Living is a Kate Magic and his husband’s initiative that promotes a raw vegan lifestyle.
When you subscribe to the site they offer 5£ voucher that you can use over 50£. They ship super quick. I can say that their web site is very cheap compared to others. I bought some products such as coconut aminos, lucuma,  kelp, seaweeds, salt, etc.. Liquid products cannot be transported by many international websites. But they shipped. They are also open to bulk orders. I am very satisfied.


Green Market is an organic plant-based shop in Uzes, France. They ship worldwide if your country supports PayPal. You can place an order from their website using Paypal.

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I placed 5 orders from this market, they ship within 2 days. Standard delivery price starts from 14£
You can find usually junk vegan foods, some popular books, and cooking ingredients.
You can use NEWBIE15 code to get 15% discount on your first order at Vegan Kind Supermarket


This is one of my favorite chocolate brands. Especially the espresso one is the best. They can be found in many stores today but I prefer to place an order from their website directly.


Ombar is my favorite raw vegan chocolate brand on this Earth! I constantly buy from them.  They ship worldwide and shipping fee starts only 3.35£


Here you can find many American brands, the shipping fee is very low compared to other websites. But shipping may take 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on your country.
I placed an order in order to give this website a try and bought some products that cannot be found here easily. But they came to me after 4 weeks. I don’t think to give an order again.


This site from Australia has many healthy choices from supplements, cosmetics, snacks to cooking ingredients. Shipping fee is expensive compared to other websites.


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