All About Grape Juice

Grapes are high in antioxidants and astringent properties which help remove toxins from the body. The benefits of drinking grape juice everyday are pretty much endless. From increased energy, mental clarity, and spiritual sensitivity to breaking emotional ties with food.

Why Grapes?

Let’s explain it with an example: Just as an alkaline substance like soap is needed to cut through the grease and the grime can be rinsed away, so it is with our digestive systems. Since grapes are an alkaline substance, they help to cut through our oily, backed up toxic waste known as the lymphatic system. Since this system is acidic, when it doesn’t filter out of the body via the kidneys and colon, it causes damage to cells and tissues manifesting as inflammation, pain, skin issues, cancer, and providing a perfect host for parasites, fungi, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms. The living energy, astringency, and alkalinity of grapes is a fast and efficient solution to assisting the body in cleaning this mess! Grapes are also powerful at removing old waste from the intestinal tract, as a backed up colon further adds to the issues mentioned above.

Our digestive systems are vital to the health of our entire body, as this is where we digest, absorb, utilize, and eliminate our food. This has everything to do with our health, vitality, and livelihood! If one of these important processes is not working properly, then a host of problems arise, and proper nutrition is not gleaned. Fasting, especially on something as powerful as grapes, is one of the best ways to detox, regenerate, and heal our digestive systems, so the body can work at its most optimal level.

Preparation: Soaking grapes, whether organic or conventional, is extremely important. You do not want to be ingesting pesticides on your detox (or ever). To thoroughly rinse grapes, I suggest soaking in a large bowl with warm water and a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar. Soak for longer if conventional. Pour off soaking water and rinse. Place in your juicer or slow juicer, process and drink immediately.

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