Natural Coconut Shampoo for Dry Hairs

When you started to search that how to make soap and shampoo, the first thing that will come your way is something called caustic! In the caustic production phase, the oil enters the reaction and forms soap, which is called castile soap.
In many recipes, the castile soap is melted and added into the shampoo.
Although it is said that castile is a natural cleanser, the stimulation like the use of a glove and mask during the production has removed me from it.

When I opened the DIY tab on my blog, my goal was to create recipes that were easy to make and edible personal care products without much effort. I do not prefer to use anything that is not on our table. This means I only support using edible ingredients in personal care products.

For this reason, I decided to share my practical shampoo recipes which I tried without using caustic and I got good results.

(Do not get me wrong, I do not give you any information here about the harmfulness of castile soap, you can find many articles about the benefits of natural olive oil castile soap, and if you do a little research, you can see how difficult it is to find a natural castile soap without harmful chemicals in the grocery stores.)

Homemade shampoos without castile may not foam like the others, but that does not mean they are not cleaned. By playing with the ingredients you can choose the oil that best fits your hair.

Coconut milk is a popular base ingredient in most home made hair shampoo recipes. It cleanses hair, balances pH, nourishes and moisturizes, conditions locks and calms an itchy and irritated scalp as well.

Vegetable glycerine removes dirt from hair, thickens the shampoo and locks moisture into hair.

Olive oil is the best oil for damaged hair, it’s rich in antioxidant vitamin E and lubricates dry hair.

Maple syrup has natural humectant properties that can give dry hair a boost of hydration. You can also moisten your hair by applying maple on its own as a non-shampoo mask.


200 ml. organic coconut milk,

2 tablespoons vegetable glycerin,

1 tablespoon of maple syrup,

2 tablespoon organic cold-pressed olive oil,

5 drops lavender essential oil


Place all the ingredients into the blender, stir at high speed for a few minutes. Transfer in a bottle. Shake well and voila!

You can keep it in the fridge for up to 3 days. The best method is to prepare the time to be used and take care to consume within 2 days.

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