Sage Medicinal Properties

Sage is the most powerful plant when it comes to its impact on human health.

We commony know that sage aids digestion, relieves cramps, reduces diarrhea, dries up phlegm, fights colds, reduces inflammation and swelling, acts as a salve for cuts and burns, and kills bacteria.

Centuries ago, the native american tribes were known to use sage for multiple purposes such as healing, clearing home and ceremonies. Burning sage leaves enhances the intuition of person.

When smoked, it can be mixed with other plants such as white clover, bearberry leaves and mullein.

Today, sage is often used in ceremonies for those who are seeking balance and inner peace.These ceremonies can be performed by nearly anyone who wishes to relieve their worries, open their mind, clear negative thoughts and feelings, harmonize the body and de-stress the spirit. It is often used when a person faces a personal difficulty, when negative luck has seemed to follow, prior to a major transition, within a new place, over a new baby or following a major emotional difficulty. In a sense, whenever a person feels “out of balance”.

Sage is not only support to purify the mind and body, this plant has some other powerful healing properties. It also works as an antiseptic and natural deodorant.

Bath Water: Two handful of sage leaves are kept in cold water overnight. The next day it is heated, and filtered after 5-6 minutes of brewing and added to the bath water.

Sage Vinegar: A bottle with a wide mouth is filled with sage flower, the natural grape syrup is added to the top of the flowers, and the bottle is kept in the sun or in a hot environment for 14 days with occasional shaking and draining.

Deodorant: Ingredients: Half a cup of apple juice, 1 tsp sage oil, 1dsp lavender oil, 3 tbsp of mineral water.

Method: Combine all of the ingredients in a glass container and mix well. Then pour mixture into the cleaned perfume bottle. It’s ready to use!

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